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Kids with Cameras has provided four photography workshops for children in marginalized communities around the world. The incipient workshop began in Calcutta, India with children from the red-light district as documented in the film Born Into Brothels. In 2004, Israeli and Palestinian children used photography to better understand each other's lives in Jerusalem's Old City. Haitian child domestic servants learned to make visible their unique struggles and perspectives in 2005. The Cairo project in 2006 allowed children living in the garbage-collecting community the chance to find the beauty in their lives and in themselves.

Kids with Cameras chose each workshop leader based on their exceptional talent and their commitment and connection to a particular community. Each leader partnered with local community organizations, NGOs, or faith-based groups to gather the most eager and dedicated children and provide a meeting space. Our photography workshops focused on a small group of children ages 8-14. The workshops lasted for 2-4 months, meeting at least once a week depending on the children's schedules.

Each child was given a camera and taught the basics of photography and camera mechanics. Assignments that focused on specific subjects or photography elements provided a structure to discipline the children while encouraging them to be free to explore their world. Field trips were integrated as often as possible. For many, these field trips offered a rare opportunity to venture outside of the children's neighborhoods and limited experiences. Through editing and critiques, the children learned to think critically and to articulate their thoughts and feelings. These discussions provided a platform to acknowledge each and every opinion, thereby building a sense of self-worth and respect for others.

The children who have participated our workshops have been able to share their experiences with the world by expressing themselves through art. Kids with Cameras has provided artists and photographers with an opportunity to share their passions and talents with marginalized children around the globe. Our workshops were created to be intuitive and individualized, based on the particular vision of the artist. The goal of each workshop was artistic excellence, positive transformation and ongoing support for the children.

Proceeds from the sale of any artwork always goes back to the children for their education and well-being.

Please note that opportunities are not currently available for photographers or other artists to lead workshops with Kids with Cameras.

Gigi Cohen / The Photo Project